Individuals with brain injury and stroke require continued life-long services. State funding cuts have left many without necessary services, while insurance companies continue to reduce benefits. Unfortunately, this leaves many individuals and families with tremendous burdens, usually both physically and financially.

You can choose to apply your donations to specific Clubhouse services or to sponsor a member of Midwest Brain Injury Clubhouse. Sponsorship levels cover a wide range of services and programs:

  • $75 covers lunches for one month for one member (based on 3 days per week attendance)

  • $75 covers one day of services at the Clubhouse for one member

  • $100 covers one month of transportation to and from the Clubhouse for one member

  • $2700 will provide 3 months of rehabilitative services at the Clubhouse for a veteran or person with brain injury

Sponsor a Member

The Clubhouse provides paid internships for veterans to assist them in transitioning from therapy into competitive employment.  Because of their brain injuries, special accommodations need to be addressed for memory deficits, migraines, issues with organization and PTSD.  We assist the veterans in using these techniques and compensatory devices within the job setting.

Sponsors will have their company name, logo and link placed on our website and in our donor newsletter that is mailed out primarily to donors and healthcare professionals.  A veteran in the program will be available to the company for a press conferences or community events.  A press release will also be sent out to appropriate media outlets.

$6,000 provides one year of paid internship for a veteran

Sponsor a Veteran

Each month the Clubhouse utilizes over $2500 worth of supplies include paper products, office supplies, cleaning supplies and food.  Please inquire for our Wish List.

As we serve 20-30 people with disabilities per day, we frequently need extra help whether it’s working one on one with a member at a computer or accompanying our members on an outing to a restaurant or museum.  We also welcome motivated individuals to share their expertise on our Board of Directors.

In-kind donations and volunteers

Media Mogul

MBIC has already cultivated a dedicated audience over the years, but is striving to capture a more extensive audience this next year and serve as a constant source of impact marketing in the community. Current initiatives underway include re-branding our website and social media presence, adding a quarterly newsletter for professional market, and instituting a blog and resource database on the updated website.

Strategic Alliances

One year to multi-year partnerships that may create new programs or strength establish
programs that support the organization's long-term strategic priorities

Existing programs which are available to be underwritten.

Sponsored Programs

Short-term opportunities to support a one-time promotion or annual event.

Market Promotions

There are numerous opportunities to support crucial education materials that MBIC provides to the community like hosting a speaker at your office or sponsoring a brochure.

Community Engagement

We will work with you to identify a project for the Clubhouse members or disabled community that is both impactful and meets the needs of your organization and volunteers.

Volunteer Day

Participate in a marathon, race, or local event while raising funds to for the Clubhouse.

Corporate Team

Want to get your employees involved, but have your own idea for an event? We welcome new ideas and individualized events to fundraiser for MBIC and will support and assist in whatever way we can.

Create your own event