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mbic is sending the letter below to the governor of Illinois and members of congress to make sure they know the effect that the obamacare repeal and medicaid block grants will have on the clubhouse and the lives of our members.   we also want to remind them how important the clubhouse and our services are to the community by including the names of our supporters as co-signers to each letter. fill out the form below to help mbic take action and get their attention before it is too late!


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I write to you as a member of the Chicago community and advocate of disability rights. I also write on behalf of the Midwest Brain Injury Clubhouse, our members and their families, and those in the Clubhouse Committed Community that have signed in support. I am asking you to stand up against Congressional action that will harm thousands, if not millions of people with disabilities and specifically in Illinois. Congress has been working on the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) repeal and as I am sure you are aware, it would be impossible for most if not all nonprofits to continue to serve the Chicago community and specifically the brain injury community without these funds. In the last 16 months, numerous organizations in Illinois have had to close their doors due to the Illinois budget impasse. The Clubhouse survived this time thanks to its network of support stepping up. But this cannot and should not be a long-term resolution, especially since Illinois still is unable to replenish the federal funds withdrawn to the organizations, but cannot rely on Illinois open throughout the budget crisis, the Clubhouse could not continue much longer. Furthermore, changing federal Medicaid funding to a block grant system will result in nothing but harm. Please do everything you can to oppose the repeal, especially because there is no replacement plan. And, please oppose block grants and per capita caps. Please carry the message: -- Dismantling Obamacare would likely mean higher premiums, deductibles and cost-sharing for the 57 million senior citizens and disabled Americans enrolled in the program. It would also minimize the Medicare program leaving millions of the poorest Americans without insurance. ---The per capita cap is not flexible enough for the individualized needs of people with disabilities and seniors. 1/3 of the American population and growing. ---Revert back to a system of institutions and segregated settings for the disabled due to budget cuts and lack of federal funding undoing years of advocacy for community integration and civil rights for the disable community. Our members' lives, their families’ lives, the entire Clubhouse community, and over 1/3 of the American population depend on you to do the right thing. Please speak on our behalf and support MBIC and similar programs so that we can continue to provide necessary services to our community. Sincerely, Holli Dobler MBIC Board of Directors Chair The Midwest Brain Injury Clubhouse AND Our Supporters Your Name Listed Here
MBIC is sending the letter above to the following people on January 20, 2017. Please select which letters you would like your name to be included as a co-signer.