Member Application

If you are interested in applying for membership, we welcome you to schedule an intake meeting and tour with us. Site visits and tours are typically scheduled on a Tuesday or Wednesday, at 10am or 2pm to in accordance to our Members' schedule. Please contact Tammiko Bess, Executive Director, at (312) 226-8720 to schedule an appointment.

Clubhouse memberships are life long to provide vital long-term support. Members can return after an extended absence by simply picking up the phone and letting the Clubhouse staff know of their intention to return.  

Membership costs vary, depending on current individual benefits coverage and financial status. Private pay costs are based on sliding scale determination for prospective members not covered/eligible under a current insurance plan. Financial background information and documention may be required before we are able to provide you with accurate costs and a service plan.

Phone: (312) 226-8720
Fax: (312) 226-8722

MBIC Business Hours: Monday - Friday 8am- 4pm
MBIC Member hours: Monday - Friday 8:30am - 3pm

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