Get Involved at the Clubhouse

As a community-based program, the Clubhouse owes its history of success to its volunteers. The daily support from the community in a numerous Volunteering at the Clubhouse can be an extremely rewarding experience. We proudly serve 20-30 people with disabilities per day, and frequently need extra help with the members. Whether it is working one on one with a member at a computer, or accompanying our members on an outing to a restaurant or museum, the volunteer work is always welcomed and greatly appreciated.


Board Participation

Are you a born leader? Can you help make an impact on those in your community? Join MBIC today and help make our MBIC community richer with your experience. 


Clubhouse Volunteer

Don't have time to participate on the MBIC Board? Spend some rewarding time volunteering at MBIC. Learn more about our volunteer opportunities below.



Want to support but don't know how? We'll help custom fit an option for your time commitment and comfort. Get in touch with us. Your support is always appreciated!